MHRT Policy regarding acquiring or disposing of equipment

1. All equipment additions or disposals must be approved by a general membership vote.

2. The MHRT Equipment Committee will be primarily responsible to recommend additions and disposals at the general membership
meetings.  However, any member has the right to bring forth motions at the general meeting regarding the acquisition or  dispositions of

3. The Equipment Committee may allow temporary storage on the MHRT grounds of new equipment for up to 60 days to allow time for
formal approvals by the membership.  If approval is denied by a membership vote, the equipment committee will make a disposal
recommendation (return to donor, scrap, or sale) within 60 days of the vote.

4.  If an item is approved for sale by a general membership vote,  there will be a 15 day waiting period before the item is offered for
public sale.  Members may make offers to purchase the items during this 15 day period.

    MHRT Policy regarding Food Shelter and Kitchen Usage

    Any member, who wishes to use the Kitchen, must have a reservation with the chair of the Food Committee.  The kitchen will be
    inspected by a member of the Food Committee after the event and must meet the cleanliness requirements of the Olmsted County
    Health Dept.  The cleanliness requirements will be clearly posted.  Usage of the kitchen or the building is restricted to members
    and family.

    To encourage using the food shelter without using the kitchen, outlets have been installed on the outer wall of the serving area
    which can be used for keeping foods hot and making coffee.  We have also placed tables and chairs in the Registration building
    that can be used for small and occasional use.

    In order to facilitate this policy, members of the Food Committee will have the keys to the kitchen.  Any MHRT member wishing to
    be on the Food Committee must be trained in the Health Dept's requirements.
Building Committee:
Merl Winter, Chair
Doc Mueller
Ed Strickland
John Koenigs
Ken Mueller
Dave Schmitt
Gene Ohnstad
Tom Strain
Go-To Folks
Steam Engine             Marc Lyon
Sawmill                       Zach Klaus
Tractor Pull                Tom Hager
Blacksmith Shop        TBD
Tinsmith Shop            Russ Turner
Woodshop                 Ken Mueller
Small Engines            Lyle Sundry
Summer Kitchen        Marge Berreth
General Store            Cathy Mueller
Advertise/Promo        Aaron Saterdalen
Web Site                    Gene Ohnstad
Newsletters                Marlys Ohnstad  
Member's Information Page

- Our next general membership meeting  will be Tuesday,
Oct 02, 2018, 7:00PM at the museum.

- The 2018 Days of YesterYear Show was held on Aug 11 & 12 featuring IH equipment.
In Appreciation of Your Participation, all exhibitors, volunteers, club members and their families are invited to a
Potluck Picnic at the History Center Museum picnic shelter on Sunday, September 9, 2018, at 1:00 pm.
Grilled franks, sloppy joes, buns, beans, cookies, beverage, cups, paper plates, napkins, and plastic table ware will
be provided.  Your potluck food items will be very welcome,  but are not required to attend.  Don't forget the serving
utensils!  Please label foods so those with allergies will know what is safe for them to eat.
If you have questions, please call Marlys Ohnstad, (507) 288-2790, or contact Ken Mueller.

- Irv Plitzuweit will have a moving to town sale of his equipment collection on Sept 15 at the MHRT Farm.
Auctioneer is Steve Flies,  MHRT volunteers will be needed to assist with setup
starting Monday 9/10.

-  The PAIIR Transportation Fair at Goose Egg Park in Rochester was held on Saturday, 5/19, from 10AM to 1PM.  
MHRT brought the Model A Woody, a Farmall Cub, and a John Deere AR for the children to check out.   Merl Winter
coordinated this for MHRT.  Kids & grown ups of all ages enjoyed this day!

- 5 acres of oats for threshing at the Show was planted on Friday, 4/27.  The Stewartville grain elevator, Progressive
Ag Center, donated the 15 bushels of oat seed.  About 10 acres of soybeans was planted on May 23. Feltis Soils
and Crop Production of rural Stewartville has again graciously donated the seed.

-  Please tag your personal equipment on the MHRT grounds with your written name.  Also,  Please inform Merl
Winter of all equipment being moved either to or from the grounds.

- Annual Membership Dues are payable to Kirk Schumacher, Treasurer.

- Contact to change your address, phone #, or e-mail.

Also-----Please also provide emergency contact info to Marlys if you spend time on the MHRT grounds.  We want to
know who to contact in case of an accident or sudden illness.  This info should include a primary and alternate
contact.  The info will be summarized and kept on file with the board of directors.  A copy will be available at MHRT
farm and the HCOC museum.
Farming Operations Committee
John Koenigs
Merl Winter
Dave Schmitt
Gene Ohnstad
Tom Strain
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